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Here at Wiztek computers Redruth we provide a full Spyware removal service and help to protect your laptop or computer in the future with advice on Anti-Spyware software to help keep you safe.

There are various forms of this computer nasty that can affect your computer or laptop – some common terms used to describe it are adware, malware, spyware, parasiteware, page hijackers and diallers. These are a new breed of attack that can affect your computer and work very differently to a virus. As such they can be missed by virus scanners. They can do various things to your computer like changing your Internet homepage, bombarding you with pop-ups while browsing the Internet , track your movements around the Internet. Some of these are very nasty and almost appear to take over control of your computer and show what they want while browsing the Internet, but don’t worry at Wiztek computers we can help remove spyware from your computer or laptop with our Spyware removal service, we will remove the spyware from your computer and ensure that your system is clean and running as it should be before returning it to you, we can also offer you advice on how to help keep spyware from your computer or laptop in the future.

If your desktop computer or laptop has started running very slow while browsing the Internet, or isn’t performing the same as it used too in the past, call into our shop at Wiztek Computers 8 Bond Street Redruth, or give us a call on 01209 314296 and we will be happy to offer help and free advice.

Be wary of pop-up screens that can suddenly appear on your computer screen warning of spyware infections, or offering to remove spyware or a virus from your computer at the click of a button.  Quite often and especially if you haven’t installed any Anti-spyware software on your computer, these pop-ups or buttons are actually spyware themselves trying to trick you into infecting your computer! Don’t click on any of these ‘nag’ buttons or screens as you could infect your computer with spyware or a virus. If you are worried that you may have a spyware infection on your computer or laptop, call into our shop at Wiztek computers Redruth, or give us a call on 01209 314296 and we will offer help and advice.

In order to keep your computer safe and secure from these new threats there are various pieces of spyware software you can put onto your computer. You will find below a list of spyware software we recommend to use, best of all they are all completly FREE OF CHARGE to use. We regularly use all of these spyware programs on our computers and they are highly regarded in the computer world.

The most important thing to remember as with virus scanners is that they are only effective if you keep them up to date and use them regularly to scan your computer for possible problems.


malwarebytes free download - spyware removal redruth cornwall wiztekMalwarebytes Free uses Malwarebytes powerful technology to detect and remove all traces of malware including worms, trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware and more.

Download Malwarebytes FREE now to clean and protect your computer

Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot free download - Free spyware protection download - Wiztek computers Redruth CornwallSpybot is another scanner very similar to Malwarebytes and as such needs to be used regularly to check your computer. You can use Spybot along with Malwarebytes to provide you with even more protection against spyware and malware nasties that can infect your computer or laptop.

To download and find out more about Spybot CLICK HERE

Spyware Blaster

This is a very powerful program that helps stop spyware and other nasty things actually getting onto your computer in the first place. Once setup it provides you with a constant high level of protection while browsing the Internet.

To download and find out more about Spyware Blaster CLICK HERE


All of the above spyware programs will only keep your computer running safely and securely if you USE THEM and keep them UPDATED REGULARLY.

Need help setting up your computer or laptop?

If you would prefer us to install and set up your computer or laptop with your chosen spyware or malware package to help protect you and your family against unwanted nasties infecting your laptop or computer, we would be very happy to do this for you at a very competitive price.

Call us on 01209 314296 or drop into our shop and we will be very happy to discuss the options and offer advice.