Recycle your Laptop or Computer

Wiztek computers offer FREE recycling of your computer or Laptop

  • Recycle laptop redruth - Sell laptop for cash redruthHave you purchased a new computer or laptop and don’t know what to do with your old one?
  • Has your laptop or PC come to the end of it’s life, is it broken or damaged beyond economical repair?
  • Are you worried about your personal data still on your hard drive?
  • Would you like your data, photos, music transferred to your new computer or laptop?


Here at Wiztek computers we can recycle your old PC or Laptop whether it is broken, damaged, or working We can also securely erase the hard drive if needed to prevent anyone from ever accessing any data again.

If you wish your data, photos, music transferred to your new computer or laptop, provided that the data is recoverable and that you tell us where the data was stored on your old computer or laptop, we can help save your data for you. All we will need from you is either your new computer or laptop, or a large enough storage device (external hard drive, or usb flash drive), we will then recover your data whenever it is possible and move it to the new media or your new machine.

If you have any queries over this service just pop in to our shop at Wiztek Redruth, or give us a call on 01209 314296 and we will be happy to offer free advice.